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Leinkauf Meal Prices and Information

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Breakfast - $1.00 (full price)

                   30 cents (reduced)

Lunch -  $1.75 (Full Price),

             $0.40 (Reduced Price)

Milk -      $0.50

Visitors/child under 10 years $1.00 Breakfast

Visitors/child under 10 years $3.00 lunch

Visitor/Adult  $2.00 Breakfast

Visitor/adult $3.75 Lunch

Meals in take-out trays will be an additional $0.50.

* All Free or Reduced meals must have an approved lunch form.

There are many parents who send in lunch money for their children. We ask that you please indicate your child's name or lunch number on your checks or payment envelopes. Many times we receive money with no name, class or any way of knowing who should receive credit for the money. Thanks for your attention to this matter!

Please let us know if your child has any food allergies or other special dietary needs. There is a diet prescription that needs to be filled out by your child's doctor and returned to us as soon as possible. We must have this document on file in the cafeteria in order to be able to accommodate your child's need. It is required that each year a new prescription be filled out. Thank you in advance for your cooperation to this very important matter!  As you may have seen on the news, there are new State guidelines as far as what we are able to offer to your child. You will notice fewer desserts on the menu and more "home cooked" entrees are offered. Your child may now have a choice of 3 vegetables, fruit, or juice servings. Think of that! If your child eats both breakfast and lunch with us, they have the potential to have 4 of the 5 recommended vegetable/fruit servings a day! What a great start to healthier children! Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! Our milk selection has been altered as well to offer low fat, non fat, and low fat chocolate milk.


Please call the Leinkauf cafeteria with any needs or concerns at 221-1496.


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