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Mardi Gras at Leinkauf
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Saturday, September 30, 2017
Ball, Parade, and Coronation!
Ball, Parade, and Coronation!
Leinkauf Mardi Gras for 2018


Mardi Gras Announcements

2017-2018 School Year

Mardi Gras at Leinkauf is an event to remember. Many activities and functions take place over the span of Mardi Gras season at Leinkauf Elementary. Here are a few reminders for the upcoming school year.


Mardi Gras Court

v  Princess and Duke fee is $100.00 (Grades Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade)

v  The Royal Court (Grades Third, Fourth, and Fifth) will receive fund-raising envelopes to run for King and Queen. The students who raise the most money will be awarded the title of King/Queen and First through Third Lady/Knight in Waiting.



Participation in the Mardi Gras Court includes:

v  Formal Luncheon

v  Coronation

v  Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball (This INCLUDES Princesses and Dukes)

v  DVD of Coronation

v  Formal Etiquette Classes

v  Parade (Princess and Dukes will ride on Floats. The Royal Court will have an exclusive parade motorcade)


More information to come in the 2017-2018 School Year


Let the Good Times Roll!!!


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