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Sherrelle  Martin
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University of Mobile - May 2015


Second Grade 2015 - 2016

Kindergarten 2016 - Present


My name is Ms. Martin and I am proud to be a Leinkauf Elementary School teacher. This is my third year teaching. This will be my second successful year of teaching kindergarten. I am a byproduct of Mobile County Public School System. I attended Leinkauf Elementary School, Phillips Preparatory School, and Murphy High School. I graduated from the University of Mobile with a dual bachelor’s degree in education (Elementary and Early childhood) May 2015. 

My philosophy for education is that in order to produce successful phenomenal citizens in our society it is the responsibility of the education system and its teachers. Together we will ensure a safe, structured, rich learning and teaching conducive environment where students can learn. It is also the responsibility of parents and students to follow suit in order to receive quality education.

My professional goal is to extend my knowledge in education. Also, to meet the educational, social, and emotional needs of my students.  I will provide rich literacy, rigor causing students to think deeply, learn cooperatively, experiment, and elaborate in a structured classroom with rules and procedures so that excellence can be made by our students. Teaching the children in our community is truly rewarding.

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